How I made My Wimp Hubby A Cuckold


wimp hubby cuckold

My husband and I have been married for over 20 years. We were young and we were poor. So one day I decided to do something about our financial situation so I got a job as a nude dancer. 

I am a pretty good looking woman with as my husband likes to say, “I have a nice rack” on me and totally nude pays better than just topless. So I worked up a pretty good act and I made plenty of money.

Our life got wilder and wilder. We both screwed around, had an open marriage and traveled around a lot but after a few years it gets old so we moved to a nice neighborhood where no one knew us, and invested all the money I made shaking my money makers  in a successful business and settled down.

For 15 years or so things were fine but I still have a high sex drive and hubby was not able to keep up. Half the time he couldn’t even get it up so I spied on him and let’s just say he seems to have developed a problem, too much masturbation.

We talked about things but after a while he would go right back to porn jerking off. I still look pretty sexy but I had to do something about hubby’s masturbation problem. I don’t like him jerking off so much when he can’t get it up for me so I came up with another idea, a chastity cage for him. I had been looking online and talking to a few girlfriends I know.

They told me a lot about this so while hubby was sleeping I took his measurements around his dick and balls and ordered one. It’s made out of hardened steel with a ring that fits under and around his balls that connects to a kind of steel bar cage that goes around his dick when it’s soft.

He can’t even get hard in it! It locks with a special circular lock key not the little padlock that can be easily cut off. The girls told me if it was the padlock type he would just cut the lock.

This one can’t be cut. We had a little talk. I told him that I didn’t like him jerking off so much and not having any left for me and my plan to start fucking around again like the old days. I told him if he was a good boy and wore the cock cage I would let him have my pussy after I had it filled with other men’s cum. (He likes sloppy seconds) I would rig up a system so he could watch me get fucked since he liked watching porn so much, I would be his porn.

That was the thing that got him to lock himself into it. No more jerking off unless I allow it. The cage is quite comfortable on him, doesn’t show under his pants, and he can even shower with it on. He does have to sit down to pee and the occasional morning wood has caused him to get up with an ice pack  a time or two but he’s adjusting nicely.

After the first week he was horny as hell. It was fun having him eat my pussy twice a day and listen to him beg to be let out of his cage but the keys are well hidden and his tongue is getting very good on my cunt.

By Saturday night I was wanting something let’s say, more substantial  up my pussy  so I decided to dress up like a whore and go to the nearby town and get laid real well. I had ordered an ordinary looking clock that is actually a camera hooked up to Skype.

This way I could rig up a way for my chaste husband to watch the show at home of his sweet ordinary wife get the shit fucked out her. I had it rigged to come onto our living room TV. It was so bad for poor hubby. He was so horny. I made him help me get dressed that afternoon.

I wore a black garter belt, black hose, no panties, (I kept a pair in my purse for the ride home. I wanted to keep all the other men’s nice warm cum up in me for hubby’s tongue for later) an open top ¼ bra to keep my nipples on display, and a short black scoop neck dress.

Hubby was going crazy when I made him zip it up for me. I probably  should add that after my bath I made him shave my pussy nice and smooth. That nearly killed him. (Sometimes I like my pussy shaved and sometimes I like it hairy.) That Saturday, smooth. I had on long fake eye lashes, and enough makeup to look like a hooker.

I left hubby, drove to the other town and rented a room at a cheap motel. I put out the fake clock where  it got a good view of the bed, and headed out to the bars. It was easy to get a man interested dressed like I was so I decided to spice things up a bit more. 

A nice big looking black man bought me a drink. Is it true what they say about black men? I was going to find out. His name was Jim. We kissed in the parking lot and I let him grope my tits and get a hand under my skirt.

His eyes lit up when he felt I had on no panties and he felt how wet I was. He followed  me back to my cheap hotel room. We went in and I stripped to my underwear and took off the little bra I was wearing.

I got on my knees where I was sure hubby could see on the fake clock and Jim dropped his pants and shorts. It’s true! I hadn’t had one that big in years! I did my best to suck it but I could barely get the head in my mouth. Jim was hard as a rock and probably 9 or 10 inches long. Soon we were on the bed fooling around.

After I had come once on his finger I yelled for him to fuck me. I needed it bad and I was determined to take every blessed inch of that monster up  my whore cunt. I knew  hubby was watching every bit of this at home and going nuts in his tiny cock cage.

Jim had to work at it a while but I started coming  when he managed to get the head in me and didn’t stop. I’m multi-orgasmic but I’ve never come like that. He fucked me good and hard.

I was pretty sure he had stretched my pussy wide open.  I was thinking hubby would never be able to fill it up like I like it was now. I was right. When Jim came it felt like a hose had been turned on inside of me. I had taken every inch.

Jim pulled out got up got dressed and left (like most men do when they’re through) It took me few minutes to catch my breath but when I did I turned around on the bed towards the camera, pointed my gaping well fucked cunt at it, spread my legs real wide and rubbed my finger in Jim’s cum on my clit.

I said, “Hubby, see your whore wife’s cum filled cunt. Doesn’t it make you hungry? You’ll get to eat all this later. I’m bringing home your supper. “   

I collected my things, threw my dress on an drove home. I was sure to put on the panties I brought in my purse to hold all the nice cum in for my husband to eat later.

When I opened the door hubby was literally jumping up and down. I asked him if he saw me perform and he said yes and to please get in the bedroom. He was so horny he could die.

He said he needed the tiny dick cage off so bad because  his dick had been trying to get hard all night. I had him strip and get up on the bed in just his cage. Then I tied his hands and feet  to the bed post. I told him that was so he couldn’t find the keys hiding place. I went and got the key and as he looked down helplessly I unlocked it and removed his cage.

His dick grew so hard it turned blue. I brushed it slightly with the back of my hand and it throbbed and he moaned. As he begged me to sit on it I said, “First things first, sweetie. You have a nasty pussy to clean up.” I pulled off my panties, threw my leg over his face, grabbed his hair, pulled his mouth into my gapping cum filled cunt and said, “EAT!”

As he worked his tongue up in me licking out all the goo I came and came. I said things like, “You like your new whore wife’s pussy all stretched out and full of black cum, baby?” He just moaned and ate me harder. After I was through coming and he had cleaned me up good I got off of his face. Hubby’s dick was throbbing and harder than I’ve ever seen it.

He was begging me to slide my wet, stretched out pussy down on his dick. I told him that if I agreed to fuck him he better not come right away like a sissy. So as I slowly lowered my stretched out wet cunt down over his throbbing dick. I could hardly feel it. I knew one wrong move would cause him to blow so I quickly jumped up off of him.

He yelled out no, please. I said I would make him a deal.  If he could take a one minute hand job I would fuck him but if he came he had to lick it off  of my hand. (I knew he would lose this but I was really starting to enjoy this.) I set a timer and started jerking him off. With my other hand I massaged his balls.

After about 15 seconds or so he begged me to please stop but I didn’t. I just said, “This is what you like to do while looking at porn instead of fucking me.” Within a few seconds he started screaming and came hard. I managed to collect most of it in my other hand.

When he calmed down I said, “Open your mouth.” He said no so I squeezed his balls hard with my other hand and said, “Eating black cum from my pussy is fine with you but eating your own is a problem? You better get to eating or I’ll squeeze these things so hard you’ll never have any more to make.” Well, that did the trick. He licked it up like a starving man. I brought back in a washcloth and a bowl of ice.

After his dick was shrunk back to it’s tiny size I re-installed his dick cage. I told him that from now on there were going to be some changes going on. There would be no jerking of unless I allow it and every week or two I was going out to get laid by real men with big dicks. I deserve it. If he’s good I will let him watch and continue licking my pussy daily. But once a week I will let him lick out the night’s deposits, so to speak.

Then I will decide if and how he gets to come. If he doesn’t like it he can go to a machine shop and endure the pain and humiliation of having his cage ground off because I don’t think it can be cut off. So for the last year it’s worked pretty good.

I let him come in my hand once a month if he’s been good. Then he must lick my hand clean. I’ve learned how to ruin his orgasms too. You should hear him beg me to keep stroking him while his little  dick pulses his cum into my hand.

There’s no need now to ever let his tiny dick near my pussy anymore. I bought him a 10 inch strapon  dick that allows him to fuck my now stretched open pussy. Most of my lovers now are black with huge cocks. I have even taught him to take that 10 inch strapon up his ass.

It’s only fair. I can take a real one up me so he should be able to take one too.

Last week I let one of my girlfriend’s watch me do that to him. (Did I mention I like eating pussy too?) I sure am having a lot of fun and hubby’s tongue sure has gotten good too.