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What to do with foreskin  

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Hey everyone 

I’m keen to give chastity a go. I’m an uncut guy with a long foreskin. Normally keep it forward 24/7 but pull it back to shower and to piss. If I piss without pulling it back it sprays everywhere. 

What do other uncut guys do? Retract it fully prior to putting in the cage or keep forward? Or do you recommend a cage with a slit at the front and pulling the skin through the slit? If you keep it forward how do you clean your knob when in chastity?


Thanks in advance for the advice. 



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My hubby has a very small flaccid penis with large foreskin, so I know exactly what you are talking about! Had a lot of discussion bout that issue.

First attempts with a lot of different kinds of cages led to probs as follow:

- completely closed steel tube type (I prefer because a closed steel tube prevents the penis better from stimulation attempts).  It made him mess around when pissing, even if he sat down! This went better if he pulled his foreskin back by pulling the penis skin behind the A-Ring step by step out of the cage until the glans got free enough from skin. Unfortunately then there is a bulge of skin behind the A-Ring and thas was very uncomfortable for him. Stuffing it back into the cage was difficult and pinched him.

In addition the closed tube in link with long foreskin often led to a strong odeur over the day, even if he got the cage off for washing every day!

- completely closed plastic tube (he prefers because they are lightweight). Same probs as with steel, with even much more odeur because plastic transfers that smell very fast to itself. Tubes with a lot of holes for ventilation did not make much difference in our case. The holes are tiny and very difficult to stay clean over the time.

- open steel tube with bars (I dont like because in my opinion there is too much access, he dont like because there is always any place where the skin comes through the spaces and pinches him). Easy to wash without the cage off, he was able to pull back the foreskin with a Q-Tip while the skin stays in the tube and so there was no prob with pissing or smelling. But again: I dont like this kind of cage for daily use! Only accept it for playing situations if I am in the mood to like to see his swollen penis pressing himself desperetely through the bars *grin*

Foreskin is always a problem. Much pinching, smelling, pissing mess

I considered letting him circumcise, but he is very, very afraid about.

So in the moment he wears the completely closed steel cage I like most and wears a ring inside the tube holding back his skin behind the glans. So far this works very well and in addition it has the benefit of preventing him from pulling out the penis or rather if he does, he will not be able to stuff all back properly so I will take notice.

Heaven forbid! He does not want me to notice such infringement because he knows: there might be a sharp scalpel waiting to solve!

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My husband/sub had a prostectomy four years ago, so unable to get erections and has a shortened penis with loads of foreskin, wears a very short cage  mostly with foreskin pulled back, making it very sensitive and easy to clean, its 24/7 for BB,


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the foreskin is always annoying specially when the penis small or very flaccid. Mine sometimes dives into the foreskin also not easy to fit the cage. I wish the best for your sweet husband 

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@bettytom, I did cicumcision which helped a bit but still the small penis sinks in the forskin. The small full cage makes the look not as messy but a bit painful sometimes.

happy to know all is working for you

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I have the same problems!

Enjoy my life!

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Def get it circumcized it's the best way by far


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