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Underwear choice  


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26/06/2020 3:02 pm  

What does everyone where to help conceal their device? I'm new to all this and the way my cb6000 fits, regular boxer briefs are too tight. Any and all advise is appreciated. 


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27/07/2020 8:25 pm  

Nappies are great

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31/08/2020 3:13 pm  

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17/09/2020 11:52 pm  

This depends of course on the type of cage you wear, because the weight is important.  The plastic and poly ones do not weigh much in comparison to the steel ones, and even there the tiny ones do not need much support.  Not to rub anything in, but i need a larger cage and also seem to not be able to use anything like the cb6000 cb3000 type cages.  For me the issue is always that my scrotum gets large overnight -- it gets an erection before the penis does, during dreams, and yow i am in pain.  I can use ice or even a glass filled with cold tap water (i live in the mountains so it is really cold tap water).  That brings them down but it is only a 30 or 45 minutes before i am awake again with the plastic/poly models.  their various sizes of rings are not really that helpful.  they mainly give you sizes for your penis length -- how far away from the base does the cage start.  So it's down to the steel ones.  On the other hand perhaps the cherry keeper would be good, but it's an investment i have not made.  But the steel ones have a similar issue 45 mm is too big -- comes off, and 40 is well snug, but ok.  So i do wake up at night with the same issue but only perhaps 3 times.  It fits closer to the base and is round after all not hard-edged like the cb's.  

SO after all that -- i have a pretty heavy thing on.  

So it will just hang straight down and be kind of a problem down my pants leg.  Would much rather have an attractive bulge up high the way the rolling stones sticky fingers cover looks.  This means support but not like a jock which is for the scrotum.  No boy underwear works period.  Female "boy cut" underwear (comes in black, dark blue, so maybe not panties entirely) can be very secure.  Get a small size and it is very stretchy.  Think spandex but they call it microfiber now, spandex is for the 1980s Olivia Newton Brown era.  If you have to be femme for a domme do one of these, then a layer of opaque pantyhose that are thick, almost the thickness of tights, and then another one or, perhaps, even a swimsuit bottom for a very large girls' size, like 15 if it fits you.  This will lock it down hard.  Now you can put it on your "dressing side" (for me the right side" and it will look great.  So, after all that, do not wear men's pants!  Find women's pants which are tight but do not look like women's pants (unless you want that).  I mean why have this great bulge locked tight and not brag about it?  Even if you are owned, it's great having women come on to you, right?   There are lots of jeans and even dress pants, some with the zipper on the side that are tight enough to show the entire outline, not quite tight enough to show the ribs in the steel cage, or maybe they do show at close range.  "If you can read this, you're too close!"  

Well I have a new keyholder now so I am happy.  As we hear here from others, sometimes women seem to not be interested or rather to lose interest, even when you give them the best head in the universe.  And they can also ride you and you obligingly refrain from coming and stay hard.  Oh well.  New Mistress always great, new humiliations and tasks!  

Good luck with finding the right cage, and do not mind some waking up with some pain, just not too often.  I think 3 times a night with mild pain is maybe sort of normal?  I have an odd situation with one teste much larger than the other, so sizing is of course for the larger of the two.  I use Eucarin dry skin lotion to help get the ring on and off, the 40 mm is so tight it does not go on easily dry or even with the lotion.  the black master lock to look cool with the black steel.  wish they made the steel ones in colors other than black and stainless.  The plastic ones come in cool colors like alice in wonderland sky blue and bubblegum pink and canary yellow.

Yellow means slave drinks pee, Pink means slave takes strapon, Blue means slave is a total sissy cleaning maid and obedient.  Green seems to mean nothing.  Gold I think should contain spikes and be a show-off slave highly decorated.  clear also a show-off slave who fills the cage to bursting?  Posture collars, bondage belts good accessories for parties with chastity slaves being shown off.    


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12/10/2020 12:30 pm  

@paraplegicsub I agree nappies are great and soft panties too I find it hard to hide the cage if it is big but small sizes should be fine


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