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Long term Urethral tube device help/advice

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I'm not new to chastity, but I have always been able to escape my devices. Belts cages, you name it.  There only things I hadn't tried were piercings and urethral tubes. And I live in a place were there are no places to get piercings of that kind near me. So I went when the urethral tube. My penis is above average length, and I can't wear a device when my balls get yanked to much, so I had to go with a longer tube (~6") to go with a longer cage.

I am aware of how you need to take out the tube every three days max to clean it. But I haven't been able to even go that long, since when I go and check on it a few hours after the tube is always filled with blood, but I don't pee blood after, so I'm confused at why there is blood at all.

I'd like to keep using the device, as I can't seem to escape from it at all, and my partner and I prefer the inability to escape to, punishment or convention.


Does anyone have any advice on such matters?


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