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Long balls Sliding Cage Problem  


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21/05/2020 9:44 pm  

Hey everyone,


Just ordered my first chastity cage. I got this item here, mostly because it was cheap: <a href=" removed link "> removed link

I ordered it with the largest ring size, 52 mm, because that was still smaller than my actual cock+ball diameter. The problem is the cage slides down on my balls. I'm about 6 inches hard, around 2 soft. If it stayed in place, the cage would be a great size. When I get aroused, however, my cock stiffens and pushes the whole cage down, so I can almost achieve full erection. The head and part in the cage is restricted, but there is still hard cock root before the actual ring. I was hoping the cage would fully prevent all erections for when I wore it. Also, I was able to yank on the cage and slowly pull my balls out, and then take the cage off.

Do I just need a smaller diameter ring? Is there anywhere that sells a kit with several different ring sizes that would fit my device? I was looking around and didn't find much, or nothing that wasn't very overpriced. If anyone has any insight, it would be much appreciated!


Thanks, James

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22/05/2020 11:20 pm  


James......put your cage on without the base ring, see what happens?   It won't stay on because you NEED the base ring to hold it on.  The base ring must be snug, put it on without the cage, does it stay in place?  If not, yes it's too big.  If you are 6 feet tall, imagine yourself in a 4 foot tube with a cap on the end, when you stretch out,  you're going to push that cap away.  Your device must be stronger than your erection, THAT'S CHASTITY!  I wear a 1 3/4 inch base ring.   It's snug but not so tight it's painful, a 1 1/2 inch ring  is too tight and it's used for punishment, , a 2 inch is too big and it's my reward but it has to be in underwear,  because the big ring  produces the problem you're having. 

   Your device will prevent erections with the right size base ring to hold it on.  You obviously have a computer, search for chastity cages, you'll find alot of vendors and devices.  Search chastity devices on, you'll see ALOT of devices without spending s fortune.  TAKE YOUR TIME, experiment, I've tried and had SO many cages, some worked, some didn't.   One thing is certain, you need a snug base ring to hold anything you wear on.   If it's sliding off, go smaller.  

    I have tried so many devices and have pics, that's why a gallery on here would be great.  

   This is a picture of one of my favorite devices, see how the base ring is snug, holding it in place, but not so tight it's cutting off circulation....Keep yourself dry, lube means slippery, good luck, have fun searching, in whatever you wear, a cage means NO NO NO to your erection attempts, that's the whole idea!!

J. Morris

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23/05/2020 6:04 pm  


Thanks for the advice. The ring I orginally purchased was 52 mm. I just purchased a 45 mm and a 40 mm, so hopefully one of those will work. I was worried about cutting off blood flow but now I realize it can be a little tighter without doing so. Hopefully one of the new ones will work!

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26/06/2020 2:07 pm  


How do the new rings fit? Did you solve your problem?


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