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Getting first cage should I go solid or metal

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I am pulling the trigger and getting my first cage. I will attempt to be self locked since I am not ready to talk to my wife about it. I plan on only taking it off nightly to shower so I can clean both my penis and the cage as well as stay shaved and smooth. I will put it back on for sleeping, since my goal is to restrict erections. And I always get them at night. I will take it off of my wife and I are going to be intimate. I am asking about the solid resin ones as opposed to the metal. I am leaning toward a holy trainer as opposed to a metal one which is my other choice. I am concerned about breath ability with the HT. I am afraid if I take it off before intimacy will there be an oder even if it’s regularly washed. Since my penis won’t have as much open air as with a metal one which looks like a bunch of rings. Sorry for the stupid question.  Thanks for any advice.