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Flaccid sizing question  


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05/08/2020 2:32 am  

So new to the chastity game and have a question about sizing. So I know the basics of how to measure and all but I'm curious on the flaccid part. Maybe it's just me but I kinda have two flaccid sizes. The smallest I'd like my true flaccid, generally when I or my junk is cold, dyeing after working out, if I'm sick, that kinda stuff. It's like 2.5 to 2.75 inches. Then I have my regular flaccid that it is most of the time. It's deff not hard at all but it's more around 3.5 to 4 inches. For reference hard I'm only like 5.5. Fourth I'd basically the same for either flaccid. 

Im curious if there is a better option of the two or if it's just a matter of preference. If I go with the smaller of the two, will it eventually just stay the smaller size? Thanks I advance for your input. 

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05/08/2020 3:42 am  

    I cant pass this one up.    I have pretty much the same problem you have.  90% of the cages and devices i see, I like and I buy are too small for any time of length to wear.   I can shrink myself up and get into almost anything, that's when i realize what I just tried was too small.    If I cram myself into a device too small, my penis gets all puffy and swollen up, because I'm cutting off circulation.  You have to understand how your penis is made, it's not like a finger or a toe.  

  In order to wear a chastity device, you must find something to wear,  that fits you, the size you are every day, normal activity, most of the time, your regular everyday size.  If you buy something too big, you'll find the fit sloppy and you'll slip out.  If you cram yourself into a teeny tiny device, you'll swell up. puff up, you can and probably will damage/injure yourself.  Walking around everyday, you will become sexually arroused normally, allow for that.  You have to measure yourself at your everyday normal size.  

    If you wear size 13 shoes, you can get your big feet into a 12, maybe an 11, but you can't wear them all the time.  Choose your normal everyday size, stop playing with yourself every time you have a measuring tape in your hand.  Don't measure yourself after skinny dipping in the nearby lake in December.   Get the idea?   

   I really hope this helped.  Good luck my friend.      

J. Morris

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07/08/2020 6:14 pm  

The chastity can Smaller is penis , I get flaccid cuck and make steals metal cage are very great on me by nice that feeling like I am erection and balls are keep always not orgasme .


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