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Can men orgasm in the cage?  

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17/05/2020 11:25 pm  

   Chastity is all about attitude.  That's not my line but I agree with it.   I doubt if anyone in chastity is really forced against his will to be there, we might not always like it but we tolerate it.  Cumming in and or out of chastity is not just a physical thing, it takes some brain work, mental or visual stimulation. 

   Recently at the state fair, i was with my GF who also has my keys and control of my chastity.  We, together were walking around watching this absolutely gorgeous and very scantilly dressed young lady, She was HOT and she knew it, in fact my GF pointed her out to me.   She was watching me, watching her.   In my cage I was trying desperately to get hard, you can only imagine the things I was thinking about just looking at that sexy ass in short shorts and her legs, even barefoot,  right in front of us! 

   When this girl started sucking on a popsicle, I was sure I was going to cum, right  there in my pants, in  public and in chastity.  I didn't but I'd never been so close.  

     My GF said if I did, she was going to go up to her and tell her I just came  in my pants watching her.    That wasn't a physical "almost" orgasm, but it sure was a mental one.  Chastity is  all about teasing and denial and control, not always physical,  usually by someone else.

   Remember the scene in Forest Gump? in Jenny's college dorm room when she took Forest's hand and put it on her naked breast, he came in his pants!     

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03/09/2020 6:41 pm  

Jup, me too,

I strapped my wife on our bed to please her with brushes.

I got her so horny that she wanted me to fuck her with a strapon. 

It was the first time she allowed me to, so I was very exited. 

When she came on the strapon, I came too. My orgasm was unstoppable. 

Luckyly I could hide it for my wife, otherwise punishment would have followed. 


Sometimes I almost cum when I'm looking at text's or pictures. 

But then I can stop it before it happens. 




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