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Questions from a Chastity Newbie

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Hey all.

I'm still kinda new to the whole chastity thing.

I came across the concept of male chastity a while back, and in the beginning my wife was very excited by the idea too. I purchased a cage (and then a few more as I experimented with fit) and I really like it. The problem is that despite her initial enthusiasm, my wife is starting to feel weirded out by the whole idea. She doesn't like feeling like she's treating me badly, and there's also the whole issue of religious guilt that comes up. She's not religious, but the mindfuck of childhood indoctrination is the gift that keeps on giving.

I want to try to re-frame it for her so that she sees it as fulfilling a fantasy for me, rather than mistreating me. I absolutely don't want to make her do anything she's not comfortable with; it has to be enjoyable for *both* of us, or it's no good. For the time being, we've taken a step back from the whole thing.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? What did you do about it? I'm open to suggestions.

Thanks. 🙂


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