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New Wannabe Any Suggestions  


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03/02/2020 2:49 am  


New wannabe here. Still waiting for better half to agree to try it out.  She says creepy but may consider in the future? Emailed her lots of web links. 

I have been practicing sitting for urination for over a month... Researched dozens of cages and like BRON4 Micro since I am small. 

Not pushing it... Hope future wait is not too long.  Trying to not masterbate and sex once a week. I have had dozens of wet spots on underware thinking about it. 


Hope to be caged soon

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03/02/2020 8:30 am  

Hope you get what you are looking for as for cages it does not matter what size you are if you use a shaft base cage with a frenum or prince Albert piercing have lived in Female led relationships for nearly 40 years long before it be come the in thing this sub wears a bijou cage 24/7 panties and c cup bra this life style is much like any other you only get out of it what you put in 

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04/02/2020 4:25 pm  

I had the same "problem". I too sent my wife links to femdom-chastity sites to clue her.

She was interested but she didn't want to take the last step. 

So, after a while, I told her directly that I wanted to be locked up to give her the control over my cock and asked her permission to buy a cage.

She was a bit surprised, but it looked like she got the picture: the websites I let her read about chastity and femdom. 

I went to a store and bought my first cage. I put it on and she pressed the lock.

It felt like an orgasm and I was so excited.

She saw it and she put away the keys. 

Then she gave me an orgasm ban.


That was three years ago, and I was locked for several periods. 

She still doesn't like me being locked and sometimes she lets me free for a long period, but the ban is still valid. 

During such a period, she uses "her" dick regularly and obviously only she cums. 

After a while I get real horny and it's becomes so difficult not to play with myself. 

Of course she notices that en I have to fuck her more often, without coming. 

When it get  difficult, I ask her to lock me up.

She alwas does that for a long period and I have to satisfy het orally of manually until she wants to have cock again. 




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09/02/2020 6:38 pm  

Are you happy, or how would you modify things if you could?

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15/02/2020 3:19 pm  

Good luck he too her to do it. The closest I’ve ever been is my ex bought me boy size jock straps and made me wear them. I enjoyed it.

Let us know how it goes.


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