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25/06/2020 3:50 pm  


I'm new to both male chastity and the group. In an attempt to freshen up our 10 year marriage, I suggested a cage. I found that I masturbated 2-3 times a day and my wife and I were only intimate once a month. I am very good at pleasing her but sort of lost myself in the 3 minutes of self pleasure I was substituting for our sex life. We chose the cb6000 and I enjoy the tight fit of the 1 7/8" ring and small spacer and locking pin. I am not a small package but I fit nicely. At full flaccid I think I can fit in a 6000s. My goal is to be forced to concentrate on my wife and making her want to free me and give me the permission to orgasm. I have read the threads about cumming in the cage , but that is not my objective here. I lost my way in our relationship and after doing some reading I decided to bring it up to my wife. Just being the person to suggest it did great things. I have been locked up for 2 days and she asked for me to service her needs last night. The frustration of being locked up while pleasuring her was amazing! After she was pleased, she unlocked me and granted me release.she gave me 10 minutes of afterglow and locked me back up. I'm looking forward to the journey. Any and all advice is always appreciated. 


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25/06/2020 11:41 pm  

  It doesn't sound like you need any advice.   Enjoy the chastity experience,  communication is the most important thing, experiment, some things work, some things don't.    Personally I have tried so many devices, don't limit your experiences to plastic cages...Steel is  stronger, and more open, easier to clean without having to remove it.   Have fun, be honest, put her in charge, with her holding your keys and deciding when and if you get out and get to're both gonna love it!!!

    ME, in my favorite cage.....

J. Morris


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