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New member in hypnotic chastity  


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05/10/2019 11:38 pm  

I'm an old single guy, retired in Florida, not in a relationship but still exploring chastity.  I am a fan of recreational hypnosis, and MP3s and personal reinforcement from three dominant female hypnotists have kept me chaste for over four months now.  Yes, it is possible without hardware!  I suspect that my rather low testosterone level has helped with this, and that a younger man with a stronger sex drive, especially one who is in a relationship, might really need to be physically locked up.  Nothing wrong with that!

I notice that long-term chastity raises my energy level a bit, giving me clearer mental focus, and makes me very receptive to women's wishes.  I'll be going to a hypnosis convention in a few weeks, and when one of the women there wants to practice her skills on me, I'm so easy!

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08/10/2019 3:05 am  

I'm an experienced domestic slave male, age 58, divorced, born in the USA,  looking for a 24/7, long-term, Mistress/slave relationship. I would be able to devote myself fully and totally to a strong, powerful woman. I'm willing and able to relocate, in order to do so.

I would be suitable for a discerning woman who would like to own a full-time, obedient slave, who would cater to her every need. My ideal owner would be loving, but strict, firm, but not harsh, and would appreciate having a slave whose role would be to obey, serve, and please her.

If you would like to have a man who would make your life easier, and be completely devoted to making you happy, then perhaps I could be for you.

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07/02/2020 2:16 pm  

i am looking for mistress


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