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married to a lovely domme. we do chastity, "forced" pee drink as punishment or unlock requirement, spanking-paddling as unlock requirement ("may I have another one harder please?" in a little girl voice sweetly), extended analingus-- Sometimes set a timer for the analingus for 1 or even 2 hours. The one hour one went off so fast I swear I thought it was like 15 minutes. The two hour one I admit my neck and tongue were a bit tired from the "deeper!" "faster!" (not both at once!) commands. But without the commands it would be boring of course. ANd without the chastity the business of being an oral slave would be less exciting -- you have to do this and that to get unlocked of course. And eventually -- do you need to get unlocked? need to cum like a man?

Only regret is that never get to perform cunnilingus for a truly long time. She never wants more than 1 cum from it -- it is screaming loud and then she is done for that particular thing. Makes me fantasize an entire huge group of women with me tied up as I always am doing any oral sex service....

ah ... i predate aids... now we all predate covit ... will people envy us for knowing what life was like before a series of viruses struck and you could have group sex? omg... hope not...
have been in bdsm and swingers groups in various cities... sometimes the two groups joined for a combined meeting -- in Chicago that happened at least once per year -- the Chicago Discussion Group is the bdsm one. People putting corset ads in Skin Two were there so the outfits were top notch.

Been trying to find the perfect cage.
Poly ones have pretty colors --
Like the symbolism: Yellow means piss in my mouth? Pink means I am a pussy slave?
Sky Blue means I wear Easter/Prom dresses? Black or gold means extended bondage slave or pain slave?

However regardless of the adjustments I find that I cannot get comfortable in the CB3000 CB6000 type cages.

Standing up is fine. Minor issues when sitting down, driving... The junk gets misadjusted and I have to sort of squat upand readjust pretty often.

But the real issue is that when I sleep, I get larger in my scrotum before I get a true erection. So I get pain like YOW in the area where the ring is because the whole area is now about 1.5 times the size it was when locked. In other words (ladies) an erection puts blood (vasodilation) not just in the member but the whole area. So big balls are NOT full of cum, but of blood!

Much better idea I think are the steel cages. Did not like the silver look though. Tried using Rustoleum in bubblegum pink. Thing is, you have to bake it on like a car is baked. Did not get that right. Looked great for a while, then, not so much. Have to keep redoing it, basically a failure. Bought more, cannot really take the pink off.

They don't make them in colors, sad.
Just silver and black, so, black.
Remember Black is Beautiful? No? Well,
I certainly do. Black fists at the Olympics.

The "Jailcell" seems the brand name for what was unbranded, I think, for a long time. Best steel design overall perhaps. Much cheaper unbranded from China I think. Was easy to get for $15 if you wait 3 weeks from various chinese sites like wish or thru ebay. maybe harder now due to trade war etc. No quality issue just like the Cb6000 knockoffs -- same as same as, just a wait time.

Here the only issue is the perfect size is not made in this model for me.

40 mm 45 mm 50 mm, not exactly right.
There are other models which are 1.5 inches this should be goldilocks zone so am waiting the 3 weeks now for that.

With the 40 I am good good in all positions while awake but at night it gets too tight when I get bigger.
The scrotum erection is what happens first, not the penile one. YOW.

I even made a cage of the cb3000 type with spikes in it but at night it never activated the scrotum got big first. works during the day though! those are good for playtime yepper. they are just craft plastic spikes glued on. colored.

I think 1/2 way between the 40 and 45 mm rings is about right. The 1.5 inch should be sort of right perhaps, waiting for that one now, similar model. silver though.

also like various other steel ones but they are all 40 45 and 50 as no one is thinking hey let's get down to really precise sizing here. 42 47, maybe each mm 41 42 43 etc. custom order.

The actual philosophy is: you are not supposed to like it. SHE is.

if you are in a relationship, why
do you have a right tomasturbate? Women do not cum as often.

Girls wonder why sometimes you are so
excited then gradually the guy is less
and less interested. He is taking care of himself, thinking dealing with her
personality is not worth it. That is bulls**t!

In you next life you will be a woman, dude, to better think about what it is like to be one now. Try chastity huh!

if you are submissive, consider cumming like a girl.

Prostate orgasms are much longer if also
somewhat less intense. 50 seconds appx.

The "guy" orgasm is when the two streams join -- the clear as water prostate stream which is the liquid and the white content which is the sperm, almost none of the cubic centimeters. Girls always say "oh your balls are full" but the cum is in your prostate and it can cum out just from vibrating your cage or fucking your asspussy. Or fingering it.
The prostate orgasm is the slow release of the clear fluid, not frantic because there is no bodily sense of the penis being in a vagina, rather of being generally erotic and happy. Like a woman.

To prevent prostate cancer that is what you need, semen release without sperm in it -- not letting the microscopic spermies out.

Ruined orgasms are fun perhaps but the prostate release is what is really more humiliating and a triumph for her to laugh about -- now you are a real girl.
Women ejaculate clear liquid too (a bit less salty!) so it is just like girl cum.

I really like worshiping women. I think all women are beautiful. Imagine growing up a woman -- you are told by other girls you are ugly, men almost never say you are beautiful even when they grope you.
You pay tons of money to be beautiful and you figure it only partially works. You know it is a losing battle against age.

Then imagine someone telling you that you are entirely totally perfectly beautiful in every part of your body.
That he is willing to eat your toejam and your clipped toenails for the priv of eating your pussy, even when you are menstruating.

Imagine the shock if you are new to female domination and male submissioN!

omg! what a gift. give that please.

just thoughts ....

hungadunga3 is a reference to a line in a marx bros film called Cocoanuts

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