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Hi, I am new here.

I am Sissy Jodie, and I am 32 years old. I have been into chastity since I first learned about it when I was 12.

I am a submissive, and have a Daddy, who I will be moving in with soon.

Daddy has decided to keep me as an AB/DL girl and regress me to the age of 1.

Daddy plans to keep me in constant chastity as babies cant cum, and further more girls dont cum from stroking either. Daddy will keep me diapered, which I will use for all of my bodily functions. I have already been informed that I am never allowed in any bathroom except at bath time.

Daddy will not allow me to use words, as a 1 year old baby cant talk. He will feed me baby food, and a bottle (which he says will sometimes be filled with his piss). He will feed me sparse adult food, and only to keep me healthy. He is buying a high chair that will fit me.

I will be in baby clothes at all times, with mittens on my hands so I cant use them. I will sleep in a adult sized baby crib, and will have a changing table in my nursery. I will also be give an adult sized pacifier, daily enemas, and be plugged with a very large plug at all times, when I am not in use.

When Daddy goes out of town on business, I will have a sitter to care for me.

I already have a few devices, a pink Holy Trainer V2 short, a purple Holy Trainer V3 nub, a custom Steelworxx looker 2, and a very small cheap generic metal cage. I cant comfortably wear any of these devices, and I already have a PA piercing, so we are looking into getting me a tube style cage that locks on using my PA.

We both like the Evotionwearables Bijou but it is kind of pricey. I found just a few days ago a cage that I really like, from Locklust, called the Penicap. It is only about $184 shipped, comes in pink, and locks through the PA. It looks to be light weight, and very secure. I am still doing research on it, but if all goes well, I should be placing an order for it sometime next week, with Daddies permission of course. If anyone has any experience with this device or any info about it that would be of help to us in making this decision, please message me.

Daddy is very sadistic, he likes giving pain he has already told me. He has informed me that I will cry real tears when he punishes me. He says he uses the strap, and a cane to spank bad girls, and he also has a love of harsh and severe CBT. He says my tiny clit (cock) and balls will become a source of pain and frustration for me, and that my days of thinking of it as a means of gaining pleasure are over.

He has also told me that he will take me out (to gay bars, adult theaters and stores, and BDSM events) as a baby, and that he will allow others to use me in any way that they want, with his permission and supervision.

He is also interested in meeting other Daddies and babies in the lifestyle for chat and ideas and networking purposes, so if you are interested in making a new friend with him or me please send me a private message.

I am very nervous about Daddy locking me up. I have all those devices, but rarely wear them, and I have been cumming like 5 or more times a day recently. So being forced to go cold turkey and not knowing when I will gain release again is very scary to me.

All in all, I am very excited to start my new life as Daddies 1 year old sissy baby girl.

I hope that I didn't gross anyone out too bad.

Would love to hear from you all.

Also, Daddy is not on this site, but I am encouraging him to join.

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1. That logic doesn't really follow. Setting rules "because 1 year old baby can't/wouldn't do it" is ultimately pointless because right after that your "daddy" sets rules and says he will do and let ofher people do things that he would never set/do for/to any 1 year old baby, like buttplugging, having sex, having gangbangs, hard CBT etc. ... 2. I't doesnt really look that good for what essentially will be a permanent chastity, you can still easily stimulate shaft of your penis and trust me as i'm speaking from experience it won't take you long (especially if you're used to cum several times/day) to be able to easily cum just from that, just try some small classical (as in, with ring behind the balls) metal cages, without built-in penis sounds. 3. Will you be able to have a say in any of this after it starts? Will you be able to change your mind, say it and don't get punished for no longer giving your consent, and if you won't get punished will you be listened to and taken seriously? What if situation change, what then, will you be able to opt out if he changes his behaviour and you don't like it of can't take in anymore? if the answer for any of those questions is no, R U N


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