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Looking into chastity for staying soft longer  


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08/05/2020 6:35 pm  

I have a fetish of having my wife suck me and play with me while I am soft. Only problem is I can’t stay soft. As soon as we start kissing I get hard. I have read that wearing a cage will help stay soft longer. Although I would love my wife to hold the key and participate I don’t think she is open to the idea. So my question, or rather advice I am seeking is do you think staying in a cage will help me stay soft longer when she starts foreplay and do you think staying caged and not telling her is a good idea?  I would be careful not to change in front of her and she is never trying to sneak peaks of me naked any other times. And sex is almost always planned and never spontaneous. 

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23/05/2020 7:45 am  

No, I dont think a cage will solve your "problem". I have read a lot of reports about shrinking penis or staying soft after long term wear of cages, but my opinion is that this is rather the whish of result than the real result. In fact some may reach the aim staying soft, but mostly this is not in direct corellation of wearing a cage. There are much more other reasons for erectile disfunktion (and your asking for nothing else than that).

Sorry. The cage is not the right tool.

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23/05/2020 3:22 pm  

Basically yeah I guess I am the one guy in the world who wants erectile dysfunction. But I guess not to the point where I can’t get hard at all without a pill. I want to stay soft long enough for her to notice and have to get me hard. Thanks for the advice though. 

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10/06/2020 12:44 am  

sorry if this sounds odd, but, get old.  you can have truly erotic sensations while having less blood in your genitals.  actually it seems that the scrotum gets the "vasodilation" first so the balls are 1.5 times as large while the penis is just starting to get bigger.  sensitivity is a matter of how much oxygen the nerves in the area have.  spanking also increases oxygen to the area -- enlargement of the capillaries is vasodilation.  slap the face, get embarasses -- the epidermis gets more blood, more O2.  so actual erection is possibly more O2 than needed to get the nerves firing 2 or 3 times as hard.  there is an electrical ohm (esistance on the way to the brain.  each synapse has an ohm amount to lower the signal.  some drugs reduce this but the main idea is that the harder your nerves fire, and faster, this is sort of swept away.  hence, spanking the ass, etc.  any increase of blood to the area helps.  not necessarily a full erection though.  older people have slower metabolisms -- need less sleep by several hours.  6 hours is a lot!  4 or 5 sometimes.  as alert but less active during the day.  erections quite possible but less long lasting so traditional intercourse harder.  tease-denial lots of fun, makes erections last whereas in intercourse the stimulation of the vagina is way too little -- instead of thinking about baseball scores, thinking about porn, still not enough. 

your age seems to be the factor, plus People Are Different.  I recall a person age 20 telling me that he was totally happy with one ejaculation per day.  At the time I was so shocked I could not even say a word.  That was so much less than my rate at that time.... It is even less than my rate at age 63!  I agree with your fantasy-fetish completely.  It is totally cool to get all kinds of stimulation while, say, between 1/4 and 3/4 hard.  One of the things women supposedly think during their first blowjob is that -- as it gets hard -- the texture is oddly both soft and hard.  It's like a cake as it changes from soft to hard in the oven but the oven is her mouth. 

One suggestion is to 1) try footjobs with oil 2) try handjobs with those thick kitchen gloves, not just thin latex gloves, again with oil 3) try these for a long long time, very slowly 4) by slowly I mean you are tied up and each stroke is 30 seconds and held HARD from the base 5) there is a technique to stop orgasm where the pinch is bottom to top Only closing the urethra at the frenum (bottom of the head).  She can do this again and again and again -- say 20 times.  Then you might start to lose your hardon and get softer.  But not less horny! 

Patience -- is your partner patience?  To get your goal I estimate more that 30 minutes of hardon being frustrated.  You need your metabolic rate to go down from exhaustion.  Again we are not talking about hard squeexzing the penis.  a pinch is pressure only top to bottom only on the urethra only the width of the urethra so two fingers can do it thumb and index but hard as hell.  If she waits till you are close to cum (has to learn how to sense that -- tension in the thighs might be one way -- you can fool her if she goes by your breathing or your face) -- she can drive you batty.  She can stop you only 1 second before the cum and get only precum.  You can lose a lot of precum this way -- Even a half a cup over time -- and still not cum. 

After 45 minutes and 15 near cums your hardon will be not 100%.  As they say, Your Mileage May Vary, but at somepoint she should get a truly near-flaccid penis.  That is still close to orgasm!  How you proceed now is difficult?   I say wash and dry the penis and change to a dry pair of gloves.  

Either use an irritant like sand or just go dry.  Touch the sides (not top and bottom!) so lightly the penis feels it like a breeze.  Do a traditional handjob in pace but do not touch the head or base.  I think you can do this for 30 to 60 minutes and not cum.  Have her talk dirty to you about what a great bj she is going to give you later IF you give her 2 hours of cunnilingus.  Have her sit on your face while she does it?  I think you may stay semi hard or maybe not.











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