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Looking into chastity for staying soft longer

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I have a fetish of having my wife suck me and play with me while I am soft. Only problem is I can’t stay soft. As soon as we start kissing I get hard. I have read that wearing a cage will help stay soft longer. Although I would love my wife to hold the key and participate I don’t think she is open to the idea. So my question, or rather advice I am seeking is do you think staying in a cage will help me stay soft longer when she starts foreplay and do you think staying caged and not telling her is a good idea?  I would be careful not to change in front of her and she is never trying to sneak peaks of me naked any other times. And sex is almost always planned and never spontaneous. 

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No, I dont think a cage will solve your "problem". I have read a lot of reports about shrinking penis or staying soft after long term wear of cages, but my opinion is that this is rather the whish of result than the real result. In fact some may reach the aim staying soft, but mostly this is not in direct corellation of wearing a cage. There are much more other reasons for erectile disfunktion (and your asking for nothing else than that).

Sorry. The cage is not the right tool.

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Basically yeah I guess I am the one guy in the world who wants erectile dysfunction. But I guess not to the point where I can’t get hard at all without a pill. I want to stay soft long enough for her to notice and have to get me hard. Thanks for the advice though.