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10/03/2019 1:37 pm  

My boyfriend is a fireman and paramedic. I am looking for suggestions for a lightweight cage to accommodate his career. Although the idea of it being uncomfortable tickles me to no end, I don’t want my sub distracted on the field for obvious reasons. Chat, suggestions, whatever is welcome. Thank you!

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25/03/2019 3:32 pm  

Ok...good question!  So he's very active...probably bending a lot so I don't think you want to put him in anything like a CB6000 because it could become extremely painful unless his testicles hang really low.  Still, there will be times when it may be cold and they will rise.  So....I have seen a very nice lightweight BELT on ebay, comes in PINK, blue or black and you can even attach a plug to it should you so desire.  Unfortunately, it does not have a urethral plug but you take what you can get.  This should not put pressure on his balls when bending, as far as I can tell.  Please tell us more about your lifestyle!

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