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Hi, I'm new here!  


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08/09/2020 7:16 am  

Hi all,

I put myself in chastity about 4 months ago, just cause I thought it was hot, but didn't know much about it.

Since then, I've very fortunately found The Goddess to serve. Unfortunately, we are not dating. She is a professional, so we don't have as much contact as I would like. When we do meet though, it has been the most intense and profound experience of my life. She knows exactly what to do, and how to make me cry from the intensity, which she has several times.

I want her to use me harder than she has, though she has said, "watch out what you ask for, you might get it", and, "we're just getting started".

I really want her to collar me, I'll beg for it soon, though I don't know if she will.

I absolutely adore her, and want to serve her better than she ever has been before, so that's a great start.

I truly appreciate everyone's posts and info on here, and am looking forward to learning so much more.



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