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Hello from Betty

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I posted this text in the sticky "welcome to the forum" topic but I think that was wrong? Dont know for sure. As a precausion I opened this topic additional.

Married german couple, both born around 1970. Not native english speaking.
I (Betty) am interested in beginning a FLR and my research let me stumble upon male chastity what made me very curious. So I try to get a picture of what may be able to come and how to do <img class="emoji" draggable="false" src=" removed link " alt="?" /> 
He, (Tom) is submissive when it comes to sexual things, but in real life he is not. In the moment (Dec 19) he des not know about my plans but I am pretty sure he will be not reluctant to this lifestyle. We will see.

I am on my way to ask, read, judge ....... and finally do what I think is right.

Behind every great man, there's a strong woman.
Behind every submissive man, there belongs a woman with crop and collar.
Did you know, most great men are submissive?


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