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Chastity for self-control  


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15/08/2020 4:34 pm  

I found a site online years ago and one item that stood out was locking a guy up for control.  I went online and bought a Birdlock and tried it out.  Didn’t use lube, but once in place and in lockdown, it took awhile to get used to.  Felt odd, but also arousing.  After buying jelly, it went smoother.

I have since gone thru several and prefer stainless steel cages.  I lock myself up on weekends and have managed to keep it on for an entire weekend.

If I am swapping messages with a lady friend, I get highly aroused and try to keep the device on as long as possible in spite of the pain from the cage keeping me in line.  Once I remove it, I gain intense orgasms.

One friend teased about her being my keyholder, but I declined.  The idea was highly arousing for both of us.  I keep myself in check and that’s my main reason for being in lockdown.

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26/08/2020 11:00 pm  

I have been using chastity various devices to curb my masturbation habits for about 2 months now.  I ended up telling my wife about the devices and asked her if she could be my keyholder for insurance  - She wants absolutely no part of being a keyholder - (discussions completely have stopped).  We do have sex about once a week - she knows I wear the device at work and at night, she doesn't even want to see it on me.  This poses a problem that I can unlock at any time.  I have been fairly "good" but from time to time I do play without her.  My question to the group is:

What is some Ideas that could get my wife to "accept" my chastity and ultimately becoming my keyholder.


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