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chastity and me  


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30/07/2020 2:46 pm  

How chastity affects me. And I would like to hear from others on their experiences.

For me it is all about losing control, and a little bondage that can be worn 24/7. Does it stop me from playing with myself? Yes, physically it does but is not needed for that as when unlocked I have no interest in anything sexual. In fact, have not had sex in over 20 years, just no interest. But when I am locked all I can think about is getting a hold of my penis and jerk it till it almost falls off. My chastity relationship is long distance, but we do get to meet and play now and then. But Mistress is always in contact with me. Because of this I am allowed to remove the device once a week to shave and clean the cage then put it back on. I have to text the minute I take it off and the minute I put it back on. And she can always at any time randomly ask for a picture to make sure it is on. I have been with Mistress for over a year now and I know that somehow, she will just know if I misused her trust in this system.

One thing I like most about chastity is with just certain words from Mistress I can have this mind blowing what I call mini orgasms. It is the same feelings that shoot through my body when I jerk off or had intercourse, just slightly smaller but still very enjoyable and the best part is I can have multiple in a row with no end a long as Mistress has the verbal stimulating words. The sad part is I can’t do this on my own. Porn and such just not do it.

So now I am in my first few days of chastity. Though over the years with other partners I have been locked for up to 2 months without any removal of the device, and I felt naked when it came off. The first couple of weeks are the hardest until the boys get used to being caged, but with Mistress’s guidance it will be a pleasure.








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