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Whose idea was it?

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I’m really curious about whose idea it was to cage the people here. Was it yours or your wife’s? Do you think things would have different if it came from the other person? How did it all come about? Did you simply submit to it or did you want it to happen?

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I found out about chastity by chance while searching for how to deal with the circumstance of having to be celibate in my marriage. I am self locked. I would like for her to be involved but she is not into it. It would be nice to be denied by someone. When I started, though, I didn't know it was going to turn into an addiction. I am completely obsessed with being in chastity. I have been in self submission to my locked cage since 12 removed link It's euphoric! I will be locked forever.

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A few years back, I was jerking off all the time.  two or three times a day if I was left alone.  So I self locked myself.  Although hiding the key, was the tough part.  So I bought a timer locked box and set the timer till end of the day, just before my wife got home.  I finally told her about it all.  She was into it for a short time and then just lost interest.  I finally got rid of it.  Whats the point if it is just me alone?  Although I am back to old