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Penis size dictating your identity.  


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04/03/2020 3:52 pm  

I was born with a small penis. As it's very best it's not quite five inches and when flaccid it's micro. I wasn't circumicised untill six years ago and being cut has improved the look but if anything made it shorter. Growing up it was always an issue and it used to play on my mind. I have heard on several occasions that horrid question from a girl as she asked Is it in yet. Yes it's in can't you feel it and the reply o yes I can now. I was destined to be a submissive man. I changed the way I did sex with doing lots of tongue work on the vagina and was praised for this. Sometimes the girl would climax and not even bother about me. So penis size does dictate things. Why would a woman waist time on a small cock. When my wife puts my ball gag dildo in my mouth and straps it on I know she is going to get a good seven inch cock inside her and she will feel it. I will get her wet juice in my mouth and on my face and feel her throb as she climaxes and hear that wimper she gives out when her lover brings her off. I think I did that. I made her cum and make that sound and I know it's the best I will ever get. Size matters. If your small give it up. Be the sub that your cock size dictates and enjoy it.

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12/03/2020 9:29 pm  


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10/06/2020 12:38 pm  

Thanks.  have not had that issue, being towards the opposite end but not extreme.  love being called a sissy though!

Was once in a Chicago swing club with the largest penis in the Chicago club scene. Women went up to just touch his arm as if getting a blessing by touching Jesus.  Later in Nepal I stood next to a holy man and people would come up to him and just touch his arm, same, beneath the shoulder for one second, and back off, getting a blessing, same same. 

But the big cock guy, they touched as if it would make their boyfriend's cock big too.  Yes he was black, but not physically very big as a body overall.  But I was not intimidated.  If you want to get a girl to scream at the top of her lungs for a long while, in my humble opinion, it is oral or bondage with lots of experience or toys.  But intercourse has a psychological devastation that satisfies a primal evolutionary need nothing else can reach.  even the big big O's can leave you feeling unsatisfied in some vague way that intercourse takes care of.  


Bottoms are on a scale from pain to humiliation, few like a whole lot of both.  I like extreme humiliation and a pretty good dose of pain though. exTreme.

Am not small, but I definitely enjoy humiliation from females.

  the thing is, women are generally very non-assertive, being happy with -- what to call it?  their role? programming? 

Cannot understand or dig the role of humiliating men, though we RICHLY deserve it!

simone de beauvoir: second sex, Betty Friedan, The Feminine Mystique, what Radcliffe and Rowling are arguing about (Radcliffe is correct).  I'm from the old days of feminism which seem forgotten now.  I had a partner who went FTM, female to male -- hard journey compared to the much more common MTF.  He's happy now post op.  What is gender and why are genitals our identity, if they are -- should not be?  Women seem to think it is not "feminine" to dominate a man because it acknowledges their sexual needs.  Read the romance novels -- some want to be taken by force (gently) so they do not have to say something like hey, would you mind eating my pussy? because it is not in their repertoire of personality options.  

For me the need for humiliations -- its origin --

was about 1) being in a rape abuse situation (man to boy) and losing self-esteem that way and

2) some specific very early humiliation experiences (age 7 to 11?) with older (age 14-17?) girls who humiliated me in a quite sexual way.

kiss boots, put face in the dirt with foot on back of head, verbal humiliation, additional kink of black over white.  

the victim does not like the experience but loves it later.  It is kinda your only sex experience -- you don't even know it is sex as such at first.  You take it out and put it back and it is secret.  Years before masturbation, it is like masturbation -- your self arousal totem, like a girdle or porn magazine.  The memory changes and becomes more like what you want each time.  What the people do to you changes.  

It is a mixture of truth and lie.  In court, they say the truth keeps the core story, and the details vanish.  The lie lets the core story drift, and the details get more and more clear and numerous.  2 years after the event, the lie is a much better story with more juicy details.  "The spirit of storytelling" (as Thomas Mann calls it) has taken over.  The court compares it to the earlier version and calls it a lie.  But in the victim's fantasy, it is ok.  It can drift.  You recall, say, being forced to fellate (incident 1) and kiss an older girls's shoe in front of her friends (number 2).  frightened in the first, laughed at in the second.  the two fetishes are 1. loss of control and 2. humiliation with 3, from both, being forced to do something seemingly horrible.  

What is a fetish?  Per Waters and the Bureau of ANthropology annual report quoting Hopi elders circa 1931, the Hopi Bear clan have or used to have actual bear claws used in ceremonies.  These would be the best possible examples of a fetish object.  The snake clan used and still use live rattlesnakes kept in jars which they dance with.  The fetish is a focus for magical thinking.  Old stone age=100% magical thinking.  New stone age=mixture of reason and magical thinking.  Anti evolution, anti normal media, calling the guy pushed down in Buffalo Anitfa = magical thinking.  

When I am aroused by aspects of a woman's control -- her glove, her high heels, her boot, her soft voice which is nonetheless powerful, the very paradox of a smaller, less powerful woman having total control -- all of those are my fetishes and are my magical thinking. 

From 10,000 BCE to circa 3,000 BCE women controlled almost the entire world with very similar fetish objects.  The "wisdom literature" of the Tanukh (improperly called the "old testament" which is like using the n-word), centers on the remainder of this attitude -- that all wisdom is female.  The Hagia Sophia in Istanbul and the Saint Sophia cathedral in Kiev are both testaments to a period when men were "obviously" only good for tilling the fields or hunting, while women ran all the temples, did the planting astronomy calendars, predicted weather, and received tributes to the goddess in the form of cunnilingus.  the men would wait in line with offerings to the temple to bless the family fields -- produce (like Cain!) and oral sex for a woman of any of the three ages -- 17, 45, or 60.  Anthropology is establishing this as the dominant (only) culture of Anatolia in that period.  The discovery of fatherhood, of any relationship between men and babies, still unknown for any old stone age person! circa 4500 BCE started the end of this culture.  This is the origin of the golden age myth which is worldwide.  Oral sex given to women all the time, no sex given the other way around.  If they had our cages, they would have used them! The book "When God was a Woman" is dated now but tries to tell this story.  Much more recent stuff exists about it.  Male scholars hate it, duh.  I write poetry about this stuff.  

Later medicine said women were not related to babies, that men ejaculate babies.  This is why Christian theology says women have no right to abortions.  They are not genetically related to children at all.  They are flower pots.  Good flower pots make males, bad ones females.  Augustine and Acquinas.  See "Eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven" for that story.  You will bang your head against the wall and then burn your crucifix if you have one, maybe.  There are zero Christian denominations which have changed theology in response to the discovery of the ovum in 1820. 


PENIS SIZE.  Vertical ties on men are an indication of penis size.  Sergeant stripes are also. three stripes are bigger than two, etc.  The chevron is a penis symbol from the old stone age, used in every culture, then put on military uniforms.  I kind of like anything women can use to humiliate me, so the sissy thing works for me.  If they called my dick small that would just not work because it isn't.  But "sissy bitch" works.  I was always the Hermione Grainger in school so they beat me up (no anti bully rules then) and always called me a faggot -- was a year younger too.  Then I got all the cute girls because I wrote poetry and actually listened to them and cared about them as people while the bullies had no idea how to put a sentence together.  Hell, I was practically a girl: raped, bullied, humiliated -- the triple whammy. 


Many here seem to be into ultra minor kink just the cage nothing else please no fetish oh no that would be awful.

Sorry if I offend, really.  But there is so much more I am holding back, this is the mild stuff indeed.  Loss of control seems like a toe in the same ocean so there may be some of the above, if less, in your makeup.  forgotten incidents.  maybe just asking a girl out and being laughed at, first time asking, and getting turned on by that, taking a year or two to try it again, and in the interval masturbating over the humiliation you received??? do you forget that? 

Anyway I share your kink in some ways, so, cool indeed.  You may well be exaggerating your size issue to make their humiliation seem big for all of the above reasons -- some memory you don't want to pull up.  The anatomy issue is so "beyond your control" that it is easy, nothing personal.  You were not abused, laughed at, see?  Just a wee tiny hint that it might be suppressing, hiding, something which could be way more fun if you remember it, acknowledge it.  




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