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Mistress taken me to new levels  


Johnny locked up
 Johnny locked up
(@Johnny locked up)
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20/05/2020 9:53 am  

My mistress had ordered me to tell you that she has now taken more control over me. This morning she ordered me to cum in front of her which I did. Having not cum for a few weeks as she would not allow me it was a big load. She then locked me straight back up and proceeded to lube my butt with my own cum. Now for a new twist she ordered me to finger myself while she prepared herself . She has taken one of her strap on cocks and reversed it . Now it have to spend the day with her cock inside me and every time I sit down it penetrates me a little deeper to remind me she is in charge.

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22/05/2020 12:19 am  

  YO Johnny, sound like you're TOTALLY hers now!   (lucky guy).     Lucky because she even has a strap-on and now YOU'RE wearing it!  If you don't have a butt plug, sounds like you need one.  I've worn one of several all day long, and I've gotten up to an 18 inch double dildo completely inside me.  It takes practice and alot of lube. 

   A plug is a real experience because you feel full and you feel something poking out of you all the time.   Kinda like wearing that strap-on!  Lucky you, she let you cum and at least she didn't waste it.  House rule:  if and when I get to cum, I eat it.   (now I'm hungry!) I actually love it because I know where it came from.  She wants some others to contribute to my "special diet" but we haven't found any donors yet. 

   Nice cage.  I'll send you a pic of HER, and mine too,  favorite toy.  It'd a little tricky to insert, but it's awesome to walk around with.  My GF, and keyholder likes it when I have to wear it and we go shopping or to the store, anywhere in public.  It goes well with a cage!  

J. Morris


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