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Looking for realistic long term chastity device

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Good afternoon,

 my GF and i are not new to chastity, we have been using the PA-5000, jesus that name is corny..anyway, for a few yhears now and it is effective, but she is wanting something that can be and or will be more permanent and secure with the PA. Are there any suggestions , from what I have found, I cant seem to find much valid , reliable info on this.

  Thanks for any help my friends

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This is a option that might work for u.

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Tricky thing, after trying several solutions, I came to the conclusion that the penis tube is the most comfortable made of plastic. However, parts of plastic instruments such as the CB6000 cannot withstand 24/7 use. I decided to make the most vulnerable part of aluminum with a cnc machine. I then coated the penis tube with a polyester putty for car surface treatment. I sanded the pipe clean and painted it with a car paint. Correspondingly, the aluminum ring was smoothed after machining. Now the whole is comfortable to use and lasts even in harder use. I have been a satisfied user for 5 years.
I could imagine you having to try out the options that work for you - money is being spent, but maybe for a good cause?


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