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Letting her have lovers

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Some people like to bring a third person into the arrangement. This is not for all but I want to be part of it. My wife has lovers I know cos she tells me. She says they are way better at sex than I ever was. I've not had intercource with my wife since January 2014. I am most likely never to have it again. My wife doesn't find me remotely sexual appealing but does let me please her with my mouth and fingers. I have never been in the room when she has had sex but I can hear it. I would like to watch but she is against it. I think she is softening on the issue and I hope to be able to watch soon.

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I like the thought of my girl (well, not currently) having other lovers. I wouldn't mind really but I don't want to know about it or watch her with another. I'm sure I'll be able to tell when she's been with someone when I'm going down on her. 

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Lol don’t have any control over it since she had a lover before we married and she’s still with him after eight years


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