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Owner instructed me to write about my last outing She took me with Her for New Years eve--boi was brought along to attend to me-

i was wearing a pink top and bottom and heels the top allowed my nipples to show extra large rings were inserted with bells attached the bottom exposed my ass cheeks

each cheek had a long spike in it with a bell attached these were electrified my wrist were chained together and i was fitted with a silver tray so Owner had a place to put her drink and cane-She offered my mouth to everyone who wanted to use me it was hard dropping to my knees without the use of my hands i fell once and She had  boi cane me 10 times it was painful to walk or even stand because before locking on my heels boi had to but thick but short pins in the soles of by feet to deny me any pleasure

Owner had boi blindfold me several times i was placed on my stomach with my feet raised so that boi could beat the bottoms of my heels with a wide hard leather srtap

after which Owner would activate the electrodes the shock/pain was very intense  but i never once felt any stimulation so Owner has achieved Her goal i no longer have any feelings in my clit and the rings and plug in my ass has not been removed in over 2 years so i have only my mouth to offer boi tas told me that Owner is going to have

cumswallow-slut tattooed on my chest right at the base of my neck--it will never be covered up and will be bright pink i will be so proud

boi is approaching with a cane i must leave


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I want to be humiliated just like that 

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