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Humiliated in a cage

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I thought I had it all, but that was only until the other night. I’ve been caged for a very long time, but my wife had an idea. She brought me a friend’s house during a party and decided to show me off. She invited a few people into a bedroom and ordered me to pull down my pants. They all immediately saw my tiny dick in the cage and started pointing and laughing at it. I’ve never been so turned on in my life. I almost came right there. In fact, a few of the girls couldn’t stop laughing about the “disgusting string of precum” hanging down. Does anyone else understand how great this was?

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my Wife did something similar to that with me.

She told me to meet Her at a party -i didn't know that it was a restricted bachelor party for a close friend of Hers. After some soft-talk, we all moved to a bedroom where She ordered me to remove my trousers and my panties, exposing my tiny locked penis. 

While they were all laughing and point at it, my Wife looked me in the eyes and read my thoughts. She told me to either get dressed and return home or i could live my desire that second.

i, instinctively, got on my knees, crawled behind Her and started to kiss and lick Her leather covered ass. 

All the girls that are quiet while my Wife was speaking, burst out laughing and started calling me a sissy.

After a minute or two, She walked away to get Her purse, leaving me on my knees looking at the floor humiliated by the names the girls kept calling me.

When She returned, She locked a collar around my neck and padlocked it. Told me to kiss Her boots, get dressed and return home. All the girls were once again quiet watching closely. 

After kissing Her boots, my Wife and Her friends left the room and returned to the living. While i was dressing and leaving the house, all i could hear was laughters....


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