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Disabled and broken.

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Even before I became paralyzed six years ago I was the lucky one. People used to say " she is to good for you "or stuff like that and that became my mindset. Now as a totally disabled guy it's never been more true. I am totally broken. I don't work like a normal man I am useless. Let's think ay it. I can't move my legs at all. I have no feeling from my waist down. I have no anal feeling. I can't piss. I could know when I need a poop. I sometimes shit myself. I have a tube constantly in my penis. I have a bag with piss in it on my leg. I am broken bust disabled. I am totally the lucky one to have my wife. I will and do anything to keep her.

Hans Kompis
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My strong sympathies are on your side. I raise my hat to your positive attitude and especially to your lovely wife who walks with you on these rocky paths. Cheer and strength.


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