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Circumcision. The ultimate sacrifice  


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27/07/2020 8:21 pm  

There is some medical evidence that a cut cock carries less of a risk of passing on std infections and hiv. Also there is evidence that a low tight cut reduces a man's pleasure during sex and masterbation. Up until being paralyzed six years ago now I was uncut. I had a poor sex life. I used to wank off a lot which my wife knew about and didn't mind cos I was poor in bed and selfish.

Now there I am lay in bed a paraplegic with a tube in his dick and the doctor comes to my bed and draws the curtain round. He quickly explain about my tight foreskin and the on going need for a catheterised penis and I should be circumcized. I was shocked. My wife took charge and said leave us a few minutes and I will talk him round. In the next few minutes my wife explained to me how it would be from now on. I would be I a bed room downstairs at home she up. Her and me would never have sex again. She would have sex with other men in our house. She would be the boss. She said as a mark of respect and love for her and agreement to her plan to save our marriage I would agree to get cut. My circumcision is hers. It was her choice it's like our wedding ring. It's a mark in my body I did to keep her. If I had refused that would have been the end. 

So I was cut. Low and tight. When I am not caged I can wank off. It's not as easy it's not as pleasurable. The low cut is the worse one for spoiling pleasure. I did it for her I did it for us.


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