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Schoolboy chastity

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Hi everyone,

I'm Jules, 18, in high school, in the last year. I have a master who wants me to wear a chastity cage everywhere and all the time. I totally agree with him, but I have a lot of questions.
Which cage to choose? Is it discreet under pants in the locker room? does that really hide an erection? it's painful? can i wear the cage during sports lessons? will I be humiliated in the shower because I wear my cage? is it annoying to sleep? will my penis shrink? will my balls get bigger? will i have wet dreams will i ejaculate at every little stimulus? can i keep my cage in my shower?


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Cage preferences are different for everyone, so you just have to try some out, when you prefer plastic I would suggest the Holy Trainer or the Chinese cheaper copy of it, which is also good IMO, peeing is a little bit harder inside a plastic cage, why i prefer metal ones with bars on the tip, which are not centered in the middle (see my twitter acount)  it's gonna leave a bulge in your underwear, with most cages, they are not so much visible with jeans on.

Yes, I think you will be laughed at when you expose yourself in the shower with it (I don't dare to anyway... the thought of it turns me on though lol) since most people don't understand chastity.

sleeping while caged is the hardest part, you will get used to your cage, but it's gonna take 2 weeks or more (I couldn't sleep with the Holy Trainer, but I can with steel versions) so prepare for mid night wake ups from very tight cages.

no, your penis will not shrink nor will your balls get bigger, they are gonna FEEL bigger beyond 10 days without orgasm 😉

when your locked up longer, and your being slowly stroked for example, cumming is very fast and easy so your master has to watch out when he doesn't  want you to cum.

you can shower while caged, however, it's not gonna smell very nice when you are caged for more than 5 days in a row so you have to take it off for a supervised shave and cleanup every now and then.

wet dreams are mostly prohibited by the cage in my experience, I did have 1 

Please don't mind my English, it isn't my native language.

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Posted by: @lockddup

(I couldn't sleep with the Holy Trainer, but I can with steel versions

Posted by: @lockddup

(I couldn't sleep with the Holy Trainer, but I can with steel versions

What has made it difficult for you to sleep with the Holy Trainer?


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