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a problem me and my wife had was she lacks the imagination to think of cool ways to tease and deny me, and we ended up with less tease and denial and more just being locked up, it becomes easier when I'm not teased but it's a lot less fun.

we made a custom decision wheel on her phone, which she spins every night once. 

18 possible outcomes, varying from insert buttplug - electro stimulation on my cock - slap cock until it's blue and purple (ouch) - edge once, then torture with wartenberg wheel / wheel of pain - stay locked up for 3 days without attention - stay naked the rest of the evening - get spanked on my butt while on my knees - teasing with massage oil - try again tomorrow and more, all without cumming of course!

maybe a good tip for other locked slaves 🙂

I was edged with massage oil yesterday, feels so good! video on my twitter profile.


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That's cool your wife is willing to play with you like that.

“They key of persistence opens all door closed by resistance.”


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