Femdom Chastity – The Ultimate Female Power

femdom chastitySo you’ve gotten yourself into a fulfilling Femdom relationship and you’re ready to go the distance and add chastity to your repertoire, but what does femdom chastity really entail?

It doesn’t matter whether you simply want your orgasms to always be controlled by the woman on the relationship or are trying to correct a bad behavior, the methods and outcome are always the same.

By incorporating chastity into your relationship by either employing devices specifically manufactured for it or using punishment as a means of keeping the sub chaste, the simple fact of the matter will be that his orgasms will always be at the pleasure of the Domme.

Very few things in the world can match that level of control or the level of trust that’s needed in order to properly enjoy and carry it out. Here are all of the ways that chastity can add to your relationship.

Femdom Chastity Devices

You can’t really talk about Femdom chastity unless you talk about all of the devices that are available to you in your quest to keep that penis safely locked away where it can’t get any of the naughty pleasure that it’s been ordered to stay away from.

Back in the days of sexual repression, most chastity devices consisted of painful spikes than were designed to press into the penis as it enlarged and forced it to essentially deflate since mind shattering pain and erections typically don’t go hand in hand.

While things like this can still be created, they’re typically reserved for only the most experienced couples to use.

Aside from the fact that pain isn’t necessary with modern devices, these devices were also incredibly dangerous and could lead to, among many other things, cuts and infections.

If you really want to incorporate pain or discomfort into your play it should be done sparingly and with the utmost care.

Chastity cages and belts are far and away the most common method of ensuring a total lack of orgasms. These essentially wrap around the penis and keep it where it should be and out of anyone else’s hands.

Locked in Chastity

There are many different variations to be found, including ball stretchers and models with butt plugs and you can certainly custom fit your device into your lifestyle.

Most come with a lock and key as the only way of removing them and guarantee that nothing can happen in the absence of the Femdom.

Pride and Punishment

Although common, devices aren’t always necessary to ensure chastity. For the right couple, the threat of punishment can be more than enough to keep the submissive male from touching himself.

It’s typically required that at least a few punishments must be doled out before the total obedience is gained, but it’s more than an attainable goal.

Depending on how much time the Femdom and her submissive spend apart, she can employ many methods to make sure that he hasn’t enjoyed an orgasm. One thing to always keep in mind is that the penis will be emitting ejaculate long after the orgasm has been reached. It’s next to impossible to keep your underwear from getting a stain after a masturbation session.

No matter how much a man tries to get everything out, there will always be a tiny bit of seminal fluid left in the shaft.

Once it begins to go flaccid after an erection that fluid will ooze out as it sits behind the underwear. All the Domme need do is force her sub to prove his innocence with clean underwear. If there’s any wet spot at all, then chances are that he took some liberties with himself and had an orgasm behind her back. This is exactly where the punishment would come in.

As long as it’s intense enough, it’s unlikely for the submissive to try his luck again in exchange for a few short seconds of self-satisfaction.

Male Chastity And Sexual Frustration

With any kind of chastity, sexual frustration is practically guaranteed to be a big part of the experience. This can be used to the Domme’s benefit and be utilized as a system of punishment and reward.

Men have never been known for their ability to stave off sexual excitement and tend to simply feel like they must orgasm. The longer they go without an orgasm, the more they’ll crave it until it becomes something of an obsession.

This is where the Femdom finds most of her power. Especially when devices are used, the sub’s orgasm can and should be used against him to ensure that he is acting in accordance with the Domme’s wishes.

If he is good and does everything exactly as he was told, then he might be allowed to experience an orgasm once every few weeks or months.

It’s always best to make him wait until his desires are at a fever pitch to make sure he understands that he’s not being given the allowance because he wants it, but because he’s finally earned it.

How the Orgasm Works

Once he’s finally given the permission to orgasm, how he gets it will also directly play into his understanding of his place within the relationship.

Actual sex with the Domme should be such a rare occurrence as to be practically non-existent. Her body is meant to be a divine place that something like a sub should never deserve to touch.

After the permission is given, many Dommes choose to use their feet to bring their subs to orgasm. This reminds them of their place on the floor while the Mistress stands above. Other opt to simply allow their submissive men to masturbate in front of them.

This is typically seen as the strongest choice because it can cause humiliation in the sub and feed back into his place within the relationship.

No matter how you choose to go about your chastity, you’re likely to find it both rewarding and fun. Just make sure that safety is always your primary concern and an open and honest relationship is always a must for both partners.