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What Is A Chastity Keyholder?

The word chastity is derived from the Latin word “castus” meaning “morally pure”. We use it to describe the act of abstaining from having sex of any kind. Parents (especially religious ones) have often urged their children to practice chastity for generations in the attempt to keep them from having sexual intercourse before marriage.

In our modern society, the focus of the act of chastity and the use of the word has become associated with a type of tease and denial fetish that grows more and more popular by the day. Parents talking about their young girls wearing chastity belts has been replaced with grown men talking about the best chastity devices so their sexual gratification can be controlled by their partner.
Chastity Keyholder
The partner of a chastised man is commonly called the “chastity keyholder”. This is a term that is quite literal because modern chastity devices are attached with a padlock to which their partner, and only their partner, holds the key.

The lock perpetuates the fantasy that the man is locked away and only allowed release when their partner unlocks their device. The chastity slave is completely at the mercy of his keyholder who may leave them locked in their device for an extended period of time.

If you are a man, you have probably been forced to abstain from sex for long periods of time when you couldn’t find a date. Do you remember how it felt to have that first release after a long period of abstinence? It was pretty intense wasn’t it?

Imagine if that intensity was driven even higher by the denial of all sexual release, including masturbation. Giving that power to your partner by allowing them to be your chastity keyholder could very likely invigorate your sex life to the point of indulging your deepest sexual fantasies.

The results can be wildly different depending on the person and the length of time they are in a chastity device. This brings a sense of adventure to your lovemaking where new ple

Locked in Chastity

Understanding the Allure of Male Chastity

There are a growing number of men who practice male chastity and many who fantasize about being locked in chastity.

Locked in ChastitySome think that chastity is something that you have to endure because of morals or religious beliefs, but it can actually be a source of tremendous sexual arousal, especially for men who attempt male chastity.

Through tease and denial; your partner both titillates you and denies you from having an orgasm or sexual release. This builds anticipation to a fever pitch by arousing you, but not allowing you to touch your penis or be sexually gratified in any way.

The longer you are locked in chastity; the more intense your release will be when your partner finally allows you to have one. Male chastity can be initiated by sheer will power or you can make it easier on yourself by purchasing a device. They take some time to implement, but they make the process so much easier to manage.

Male Chastity Devices vs Honor Chastity

Honor chastity is a term used to describe the act of chastity that is perpetuated without using a device. The man is forced to hold in his erections and avoid ejaculating without a device to help him “lock it down”.

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If one of these devices is not applied to the penis; it is extremely difficult to control your arousal, especially if you are not experienced at male chastity. You can try doing it on your own, but it really depends on how good your partner is at locking you into chastity.

Without a device; your partner has to try that much harder to deny your orgasms. If you are not wearing a device, just the fact that your partner is forbidding you to ejaculate might turn you on so much that you have a premature release.

Devices provide the right support and do not allow you access to your penis to help you release as long as your partner is the key holder.

Locked in Chastity for BDSM

Key Holder is a term used to describe the dominant woman in a male chastity agreement. Many couples are into BDSM and male chastity is one of the many methods that these women use to dominate their men. Some men are more turned on the more they are ordered around.

The woman will tease the man while he has a male chastity device on and she is the only one who has the key to open it and award him with a release. Discuss it with your partner in detail and decide if you want your chastity to be long term or short term.

If you are just starting out, you should ease into it before you commit to being locked in. If you enter into it before you are ready it will likely prolong the process.

Why I Insist My Boyfriend Be Locked in Chastity

The two words that would best describe why I
insist that my boyfriend be locked in chastity would be….

  1. Power
  2. Control

I am an incredibly sexual woman and my ability to have unlimited orgasms;
anytime, anywhere, in any fashion and with anyone I want is extremely erotic and intoxicating.

And knowing that I have the authority to deny him permanently (if I wanted
to), makes me even wetter. Keeping a man under my long, manicured thumbnail by
securely locking his dick up, is the ultimate power trip.

I also happen to be a crazy control freak. I like to have things just the way
I want them. My locked up man enables me to keep my life in perfect order.

  • He makes sure that the house is kept spotless, both inside and out
  • He works six days a week bringing his BIG paycheck home to me
  • He keeps my car detailed, washed and waxed so it always shines
  • He polishes my large high heel collection so I always look my best
  • He works out like a fiend because I have a weakness for a nice body
  • His tongue is always ready and willing for my pussy or asshole
  • He meekly takes my hard slaps to his face when I’m in a bitchy mood
  • He fluffs my lover’s dick up when I’m in the mood for penetrative sex

Yeah, all I have to do is snap my sexy fingers and he’ll do ANYTHING for me!

And in return, all I have to do is humiliate the hell out of him.

The truth is that he loves being with a cunt like me. If I asked him to leave tomorrow, he
would instantly drop to his knees and BEG me to let him stay.

But I’m not the total bitch since I do allow him a supervised orgasm once every so often.

How often?

That depends on how the weekly ‘game’ goes.

Every Friday evening, IF I don’t have a date AND I deem that he’s been the
perfect boyfriend during the previous week, I allow him to roll the dice.

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If he rolls a ‘seven’ he qualifies to play ‘spin the wheel’.

If he doesn’t roll a seven, he’s denied for another week and can roll again
the following Friday, IF I don’t have a date AND he’s been the perfect boyfriend for the week.

That sounds cruel I admit, but insisting that your boyfriend be locked in
chastity does require you to have, or develop, some sort of mean streak.

On with the rules of the game….

If he does manage to roll a seven, he gets to spin the wheel.

I had a former lover build a custom and quite sophisticated wheel. It is
meticulously crafted and perfectly balanced as I want the outcome of the spin to
be eminently fair to my boyfriend.

The wheel is divided into eight equal sections labeled….

  • Ruined orgasm (this is quite amusing, for me anyway)
  • Tease and denial session (with no orgasm to follow)
  • Cum on my high heels (and lick up the mess)
  • You lose (no orgasm – try again next week – too bad)
  • Full on fuck (my fingers are crossed that this doesn’t come up)
  • Masturbate on my ass (then lick my asshole clean…. ummm)
  • Cock caning (he doesn’t want an orgasm after this)
  • Karon’s choice (one of my favorites)

The first seven are pretty much self-explanatory. Karon’s choice (that’s me)
depends on my current disposition, mood and whim.

The last time the wheel stopped on my choice, I was quite horny but didn’t
really think he needed to be let out of his chastity device.

I called my girlfriend Lisa to come over and we proceeded to make love on the
couch while he stood at attention in panties and heels holding the wine tray.

Anyway, it’s quite a fun game (for me anyway), and he has a 50% chance of
spinning for an orgasm. From my viewpoint, that’s more than fair.

Nothing quite matches the power dynamic of keeping your boyfriend permanently
denied (more or less) and locked in chastity. Of course you’ll need a chastity
device to do it, which you can find right here.

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